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[Bug] do_promote allowed promotion past MAX_LEVEL
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The Null Value
GroupAFKMud Team
JoinedFeb 23, 2003

Bug: do_promote allowed promotion past MAX_LEVEL
Discovered in: AFKMud 1.7
Danger: Trivial - Another, unrelated ifcheck prevents this
Found By: Xorith
Fixed By: Xorith

act_wiz.c, do_promote

Locate the following:
level = victim->level + 1;

And change to:
level = victim->level + 1;
if( level > MAX_LEVEL )
   ch_printf( ch, "Cannot promote %s above the max level of %d.\n\r", victim->name, MAX_LEVEL );

Pretty much, the only way you'll feel this bug is if you allow the same level to promote. Then a level 115 (or whatever your max level is) could promote above 115 by one. While the current permissions check doesn't allow a 115 to promote someone equal to their rank, that doesn't mean this ifcheck should be neglected. Should you change the permissions, then there would be room for an error case.

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