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objects in area file
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Post is unread #1 Nov 17, 2004, 6:48 pm
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JoinedNov 17, 2004

Let me know if I don't make sense here. And this may be a topic for a different forum. Not sure.

On a mud I used to work on, we had item templates defined globally in external files. So, there was a longsword.item file, shortsword.item file and so on. If a player wanted a stock longsword, they simply requested it "load longsword" and so forth.

Currently, if I want a longsword in my area I guess I have to define it in the the area file and give it a local vnum.

However, do you think this setup might work:

1. Create an area that contains no rooms, just a list of objects to serve as global templates. Sort of a template.are.

2. Reference that from another area, such as myarea.are in the resets? So, the vnum for longsword in template.are may be 1001 and then I'd simply reference it in myarea.are resets list?

I looked at the area loading and OLC code (specifically get_obj_index) and it appears this would work. Just wondering if anyone had tried it before?

- Gwareth
Post is unread #2 Nov 17, 2004, 7:56 pm
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Black Hand
JoinedJan 1, 2002

I'm sure someone must have done something like this somewhere. It's very possible to do this, and I beleive the Smaug 1.4a package originally handled deity items in a similar manner. In AFKMud, the void.are file would be best suited for this. A range of about 1000 vnums set aside for things like this. It contains all of the items and mobs required by the stock spells and skills, as well as the initial recall romms and the like. There is more than enough room in this file to add generic item profiles. The original limbo.are file performed this same function but was only 100 vnums and didn't seem like enough.
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