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New_Auth Snippet
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Post is unread #1 May 1, 2002, 10:11 am   Last edited Nov 24, 2007, 11:47 am by Samson
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JoinedMay 1, 2002

I am trying to install the New_auth snippet that will allow players to continue to level 2 without been immediately authed (ie if there is no immortal on)

Went through the instructions 2x and double checked all the changes that I need to make - yet I get the same compile errors every time - this is a snip from the compile error, then the lines of offending code:

Compile Error: (there are many more lines with the same undefined ref)
act_comm.o: In function `do_quit':
/usr/local/mud/dist_newauth/src/act_comm.c:1946: undefined reference to `remove_from_auth'
/usr/local/mud/dist_newauth/src/act_comm.c:1949: undefined reference to `get_auth_name'

Offending Code:
    /* new auth */
    if ( NEW_AUTH( ch ) )
        remove_from_auth( ch->name );
        old_auth = get_auth_name( ch->name );
          if( old_auth != NULL
          && (old_auth->state == AUTH_ONLINE || old_auth->state == AUTH_LINK_DEAD) )
                 old_auth->state = AUTH_OFFLINE; /* Logging off */

RUnning Smaug 1.4a
Redhat 7.2

Thank you
Post is unread #2 May 2, 2002, 6:19 pm
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Black Hand
JoinedJan 1, 2002

I'll have to look at this I suppose. Don't recall it havng broken in the past, but then again not many people bother to actually email me sayng they're using the snippets, much less to report bugs
Post is unread #3 May 3, 2002, 3:27 am
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Guest - (Unregistered)

That sorta error is at final linkage, when the final symbol tables are scanned to make sure everything is referenced.

Which means, you added the code for the functions possibly in a new file, added calls to those functions in act_comm.c as per the error you quoted, and put the prototypes in a .h (probably mud.h) but did you include the .c file for compiling and the .o for producing the final mud executable?

That sorta error is common if the new functions, in this case the snippet is installed but you aren't linking it into the final mud executable.

Check your Makefile to ensure you added any new file to the Makefile in all the correct places. Friad as I'm no Smaug expert and not at my own box atm I can't quote then, but then I rekon Samson could
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