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Skyship bug
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Post is unread #1 May 24, 2004, 6:47 pm
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JoinedMay 19, 2004

I have found a bug with the skyships. I don't know if it's been posted or if there is a fix for it already. Anyway, I call a skyship from one landing site. I realized I couldn't take a skyship where I wanted to go so I transferred myself halfway across the continent and created another landing site. I tried to call a skyship from that site and it said I'd already called one, but there was not a skyship sitting at that landing site, so i tried board, and lo and behold I boarded the skyship and it was like I was magically transported to the other landing site when I used the fly command.
Post is unread #2 May 27, 2004, 7:38 am
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The Null Value
GroupAFKMud Team
JoinedFeb 23, 2003

Not quite a bug, more like evidence that this system needs to have some edges rounded.

When you call a skyship, it's linked with your character. Since it *is* impossible for a character to 'enter' an NPC or an object, the 'skyship' is simply an NPC loaded by the code for show. The actual code that works the skyship goes by what's linked. Most players wouldn't be able to just 'goto' a place and make a landing site, however there probably should be a way to cancel a skyship request.

I'll take a look through the code when I get a moment.

-- Xorith
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