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Clan ruling over certain city/area snippet
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Post is unread #1 Jan 20, 2004, 11:22 am
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JoinedDec 23, 2003

I dont think there is a snippet like this, so i would like to ask very kindly if there is someone willing to make this:
A snippet that uses the clan system in smaug/SmaugFUSS and that does the following: Let a clan rule over a certain city or area(or just a range of rooms) and add a function to look who is ruling over the area/room you are currently in....

could this be possible?
It would be nice to have a challenge system in it too, so that other clans can claim the area and they will have to fight each other to conquer it...

Greetz dre
Post is unread #2 Jan 27, 2004, 2:13 pm
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JoinedMar 8, 2005

I had this idea some years ago as part of an extended game for higher-levels to play within the game. You could implement the simpler version by adding a ClanID field to the room structures (using OLC routines to force the rooms to be saved). Initially, set everything to 0 (or whatever "neutral" is) and then decide how you want clan "ownership" to be granted.

Possibilities include:

o player and/or mob of said clan walks into an unowned room, or walks into an owned room and stays there for N minutes, or walks into it N times (would also then need a counter), or N players of that clan walk into it (a counter and a list structure).

o clan "buys" deed to land from other clans, or from NPC governing body.

o clan "captures" land in clan-vs-clan warfare... see above for ways to get it initially

o gods "grant" land in a radius around clan headquarters based on ... population? wealth? coolness?

Then you'll have to decide what it means to have "ownership" of land:

o npc's might help clans members and hunt/harass no-clan people or enemy clans

o clans might get revenue based on land holdings

o clans might have to pay upkeep for land holdings

o clans might be required to have a minimum membership for N sectors, or a maximum of N sectors/member

Sounds like fun!
Post is unread #3 Jan 27, 2004, 3:34 pm
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JoinedMar 5, 2005

The SWR code has clans that control whole planets. Basically, there is a PLANET_DATA, with fields such as governedby, population, etc. The amount of population generates taxes for the governing clan, which is deposited in to the clans funds. To capture an planet, certain conditions must be met. I've modifed mine to use an army style conquest, where governing bodies can recruit defenders, and hostile clans invade, and an automated battle takes place, until either the attackers are defeated(planet->attack_battalions == 0) or the defenders are defeated, in which case the ownership goes to the attacking clan.

The specfuns in SWR like spec_customs_weapons ignores people who belong to the planets governing clan. It also uses flags for each planet to identify which planet NPC's belong to, and if you kill a mob with that flag, your wanted on that planet and are hunted and attacked by spec_police mobs.
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