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AFKMud 1.2b update released
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Post is unread #1 May 2, 2002, 1:25 am
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Black Hand
JoinedJan 1, 2002

It's patch time again folks!

Disclaimer type thing: Patch file upgrades are not 100% guaranteed to work. BACK UP YOUR MUD before using it. If you don't, and it breaks, don't blame us. We warned you.

This patch is dependent upon having the 1.2a package in place, either from the full release or by having patched
it with the 1.2a patch. Applying it without the 1.2a patch probably won't work and we won't support errors caused
because of this.

To apply - all you should need to do is put the patch file in your src dir, and type: patch < 1.2ato1.2b.patch

So now you ask, "What does this patch do Samson?"

Well, I'll tell you, have a look:

Bugfixes for this patch:

Fixed do_mstat to correct not checking to make sure a mob was part of an area before asking for the areaname. [Samson]
Fixed a bug in can_mmodify that caused the prototype flag check to get reversed on mobs. [Samson]
Fixed a bug in to_channel that caused a crash if an immortal was switched. [Samson]
Fixed a bug that was preventing proper updating of the last IP host for a player. [Samson]
Fixed a bug that caused a crash when switched imms were listening to I3 channels. [Samson]
Fixed a bug where i3tells would still be received even if the person wasn't supposed to. [Samson]
Fixed the name authorization cleanup to actually work right when called. [Samson]
Forced polymorphed players to revert prior to renting/quitting to solve some buggy login issues. [Samson]
Fixed a bug in the do_repair code that had weapon condition checks reversed and not allowing repairs. [Samson]

Non-bugfix alterations:

Removed depracated referrence to automaps in do_config. [Samson]
Cosmetic fix to do_ostat. Object area was misaligned. [Samson]
Corrected a hardcoded item type check for blackmite ore. [Samson]
Cosmetic fix for act() to show imms the name of a morphed player preceeding the actual form used on channels. [Samson]
Removed a commented out morph check in extract_char. [Samson]
Trimmed out unecessary protocol documentation comments in i3.c. [Samson]
Typo in i3_other fixed. [Samson]
Added wizinvis indicator to afk_who display. [Tarl]
Activated the do_ocopy, do_mcopy, and do_rcopy commands in the Oasis OLC code. [Samson]
Enhanced the gag config option to allow it to reduce combat spam. [Tarl]

New stuff this patch:

Added configuration option for checkboards that will inform players logging in which boards have new posts. [Samson]
Added support for pets to be able to use their spec_funs. Although it seems to not work. [Tarl]

If anyone cares to take a look at why pets won't fire their spec_funs I'd love to know. Spent a few hours digging and didn't see a reason for it. Which means it's something so obvious I've missed it.
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