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How do I add new commands?
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Post is unread #1 Jan 6, 2004, 6:11 am
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Black Hand
JoinedJan 1, 2002

Since this gets asked alot, I figured I'd improvise a short hack guide to this.

Most Smaug bases require 4 things to add a new command:

1. The do_fun code for the command itself
2. A DECLARE_DO_FUN line in mud.h.
3. 2 entries in tables.c.
4. Use of the cedit command to activate it.

AFKMud does not require steps 2 and 3, but there is a difference in how step 1 needs to be done. For a command to work, it must be defined as a CMDF instead of a void.


void do_something( CHAR_DATA *ch, char *argument )

The above is what would work for Smaug. For AFKMud, use the following instead:

CMDF do_something( CHAR_DATA *ch, char *argument )

The main difference being the use of the CMDF macro. This was necessary in order to get g++ to accept the use of the dlsym code while also retaining compatibility with plain gcc for those who prefer that. The details aren't terribly important to know.

Step 4 of the process is the same:

cedit something create


cedit something create do_something

If you get an error that do_something is not found, then the source code is either missing or the code is using void instead of CMDF.

Any snippets which still use the void declarartion for do_something will need to be changed to CMDF format to make them work as well.
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