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Running Afkmud from the windows Ubuntu Bash
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* #1 Aug 9, 2016, 11:46 am   Last edited Aug 9, 2016, 12:09 pm by dextermovies
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JoinedSep 10, 2005

I have been in and out of the mud scene for a while now, I sometimes dabble with coding and building. Today I decided I wanted to run my own mud again, so I looked up cygwin to get that rolling and discovered windows 10 will include a linux bash shell to run stuff directly (almost) from windows without the need for cygwin or a vm. At first I thought this was total baloney, but I searched I discovered it was true :stare: . So I set out to make afkmud run on it, and here is how I did it. The Linux shell will be included in the windows 10 anniversary update. if you want it before it is out just google it. Also this assumes you have unzipped the afkmud archive to your desktop

Step 1: Apply the update that has the Linux shell with with it (See above for where to get it)
Step 2: Turn on the windows feature Windows subsystem for linux (Beta) and use search to find Bash, then run bash follow prompts to install
Step 3: Open the Ubuntu Bash that you will find in your windows start bar
Step 4: Type Sudo su and follow the prompts
Step 5: Type apt-get Upgrade
Step 6: Type apt-get install make
Step 7: Type apt-get install g++
Step 8: Type apt-get install zlib1g-dev
Step 9: Type apt-get install libgd2-xpm-dev
Step 10: Type apt-get install tcsh
Step 11: Type exit to remove root
Step 12: Type /mnt/c
Step 13: Type cd .. (then hit the up arrow and the hit enter (to enter the command a second time)
Step 14: Type cd mnt/c/Users
Step 15: Type ls (Take note of The names and use your user name in place of name in the next bit)
Step 16: Type cd name/Desktop/afkmud/src
Step 17: Type make clean
Step 18: Type nano startup then change the mentioned values as seen (limit coredumpsize 32786k
limit filesize 32786k) Otherwise it will not allow the mud to start. Feel free to change the sizes as needed.
Step 19 :Type ./startup&
Note: If you are in root it will auto close the mud in 5 seconds and there will be a funny message (maybe not so funny) in your logs.
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