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nifty_is_name issue
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Post is unread #1 Jan 27, 2012, 6:20 pm
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JoinedJul 26, 2005

The old nifty_is_name seems to not work like it should in some cases.
Take an exit and set it with the keywords 'Iron Gate' (Since you want it to show iron gate when opening, closing etc...)
If you don't put the 's around it, then iron and gate will work, but it will only show iron when opening, closing etc...
After you do that flag the exit as isdoor and closed and then try the keywords iron, gate, iron gate, 'iron gate' and none of them will work...

After taking a bit of time to play around with nifty_is_name I suggest making it look like this:
/* Checks if str is a name in namelist supporting multiple keywords - Thoric */
bool nifty_is_name( char *str, char *namelist )
   char name[MIL], strname[MIL];

   /* Exact match is good */
   if( str && str[0] != '\0' && namelist && namelist[0] != '\0' )
      if( is_name2( str, namelist ) )
         return true;

   while( namelist && namelist[0] != '\0' )
      namelist = one_argument2( namelist, name );

      while( str && str[0] != '\0' )
         str = one_argument2( str, strname );
         if( is_name2( strname, name ) )
            return true;
   return false;

After doing so it makes 'iron gate', iron, gate all work.
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