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New to SWFote. Some beginner questions.
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Post is unread #1 Oct 8, 2010, 1:00 am
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JoinedOct 8, 2010

Hello all I'm currently running SWFote 2.4 and have a few questions. I'm new to coding but I'm learning. I have been playing MUDs for a long time. I'm currently taking intro to prog and will be taking c++ and visual basic next semester. I've always had an idea for an orignal scifi themed MUD and figured starting my own mud would be good practice for getting used to programming. I hope to one day get my masters in computer science and work as a software engineer. But we'll see. :biggrin:

Well first I can't get wizlist to change permanently.

I've greped my src directory but I cant seem to find the actual file that contains the code that sets the "frame" for the wizlist that's created with make wizlist. At the moment it shows a large star wars banner that I'd like to remove as my MUD isn't star wars themed.

Could someone point me to the correct file?

Also I'm looking to change the names of the weapon types, such as vibro-blades, blasters, force pikes, etc.
And also I want to add new ones. I've seen a few files that mentioned them but I cant find which ones set the names and stats for weapons.

And well my last question is a little tougher. lol

Has anyone ever coded in combat for ground vehicles in SWR and just how daunting of a task would that be? I'm willing to try if it's possible. .

Like having vehicles with mounted wepaons that you could shoot and could shoot you and engage in full combat. Any thoughts?

Help is much appreciated!

Post is unread #2 Oct 11, 2010, 11:20 pm
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Off the Edge of the Map
JoinedMar 21, 2006

Posted to MudBytes. Answered questions there.

Star Wars questions always get slow responses here, because I'm one of a select few here that actually know anything about those bases, most of the knowledge base here knows Smaug, not the Star Wars derivatives, so you'll have to bear with us.
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