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Beyond Ethernet
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Post is unread #1 May 20, 2010, 11:34 am
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JoinedMay 15, 2010

What I have been doing this past week is collecting all the owner/admin tools & commands one can use in a mud, and I have been organizing everything to be reorganized structurally and visually in my mud, and en lieu of all my hard work Ive come up with a few questions that pertain to the acutal deployment of a base on a server, and making it visible to the world but yet retaining control of it. Sorry if I this is vague, Ill get right into the questions.

1. So far I am running my codebase (SWFotE) via CygWin. Its hosted on my local machine @ ofc. I have setup portforwarding so that my laptop can connect to my MUD on the same ethernet by using my static IP & Port (4000). I would like to have a fellow coder and friend from accross town be able to access my mud so he and I can code on it. Will my set up permit this?

2. If I am all set up to share the mud beyond my own Ethernet, what do security-minded administrators use to build security around the mud for players and other high level admin. I am sure its SSH, but what I want to know is how and or where I can find a resource that teaches building that security framework.

3. I am running CygWin, as mentioned, but is it better in the end to run the MUD through Linux? If so, what flavor do you guys suggest (Ubuntu Server or Fedora 12/13)? I have also heard hotboot doesnt work through CygWin, hence another motivator.
Post is unread #2 May 20, 2010, 12:02 pm
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Off the Edge of the Map
JoinedMar 21, 2006

Well, using Cygwin, I don't know of any way to open it up to outside the local network. There are plenty of free or cheap hosts available for running MUDs, Samson's Arthmoor Hosting is well suited, has fantastic up time, and is stable. Zeno has a program that hosts MUDs for free for active members of MudBytes, and there are several others out there too. There's also the option of procuring a VPS through someone like Linode to use for hosting purposes as well.

As for flavours of Linux, you'll find a lot of variance in peoples opinions. I personally use Ubuntu 9.10 on the VPS I use, Samson uses Fedora on his servers, others will use various other things. Ubuntu is easy to master for someone just starting with Linux server administration, where Fedora has a slightly steeper learning curve. It's all in your personal tastes really, because they all behave relatively similar to one another.
Post is unread #3 May 20, 2010, 5:53 pm
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JoinedJul 26, 2005

well through cygwin and most normal connections it is possible to have a few others connect as long as port forwarding is setup correctly etc.... I use cygwin and have had people connect to mine from other states etc.... so it is possible. I think normal connections though can only handle like 10 or so before there will start being laggy etc... especially if you do other things on the net too.

You can also hotboot just fine on cygwin the problem is that under cygwin if you have a process running already sometimes it won't let you do a make again because the exe file is in use already.

Personally I would advise getting a host and one of the ones kayle pointed you towards would be a great start.

If you install Linux I like fedora but that is just my opinion.

Hope it helps you out some :)
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