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ANN Eldhamud_2.2.5 Code Release
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Post is unread #1 Jul 25, 2008, 4:20 pm
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JoinedJun 1, 2008

Eldhamud is a derivative of Smaug that makes no attempt to retain compatibility with any of Smaugs features. This release of Eldhamud code is in many ways Bare Bones. There is no game content, no areas, classes, races, skills, spells, which leaves the developer open to create content that suits the games theme and saves them time in having to rip out a whole swag of useless code.

A lot of things have been removed, you will not find multiple attacks, polymorph's, vampires and masses of other Smaug code that most people either do not know about or do not use. My design principle in this regard has been if i do not use it, remove it.

Make sure to read the LICENSE document found in /docs as it has changed since last release and it attempts to make clear what you can and cannot do with this software and its Diku roots.

Eldhamud 2.2.5 can be downloaded from http://fury.eldhamud2.org. You will need to sign to the website to gain access to the download files. Bug reports can be posted to the bug tracker and support questions can be asked in the support forum.

Eldhamud 2.2.5 requires Linux to run and gcc4.x is recommended for the compiler. I will not offer support to anyone attempting to make this run in windows, minGW, cygwin or any other non native Linux environment.

The Fury.
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