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[Bug] Somewhere exits are not always handled right by get_dir
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Post is unread #1 Feb 21, 2008, 9:41 pm
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Black Hand
JoinedJan 1, 2002

Bug: Somewhere exits are not always handled right by get_dir
Danger: Low - This requires a very specific usage of the redit command before the issue shows itself.
Discovered in: AFKMud 2.03
Found by: Remcon
Fixed by: Remcon


build.cpp, get_dir

      case 'e':
      case '1':
         edir = DIR_EAST;
         break;   /* east  */

Change to:
      case 'e':
      case '1':
         if( c2 == '0' )
            edir = DIR_SOMEWHERE;
            edir = DIR_EAST;
         break;   /* east  */

In a very specific set of circumstances, the redit command can return an incorrect direction when trying to add a somewhere exit. This is due to how the switch statement in get_dir is setup. It uses the first character of the input value for the case checks. 'e' and '1' correspond to the same thing - East. But a somewhere exit can be entered as '?' or '10' which creates a problem. The case '1' needs to look to see if c2 is '0' and if it is, set edir to DIR_SOMEWHERE instead since that's what the command actually intended.

There is also a secondary issue with this function that's not easily fixed. If the direction numbers themselves have been reassigned, this function would produce bad results for anything called by the numerical value. This function would need to get redone along with any reassignment of the values.
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