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probs with 2.02
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Post is unread #1 Dec 20, 2007, 1:35 pm
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JoinedSep 7, 2006

help for cset is non-existent and "Game Toggles" gives you help on name.. not really a bug I know but it was in previous AFKmud helps so I'm just curious as to how it got "lost"? which raises an interesting question, can the SQL translation mod u made be used to dump to a help.are so you can share updated helps with it?

Formatting issues all over with &.. I think it's probably due to a sprintf or text_to_player sort of issue like with thought <> show up as &gt; &lt; so it's probably some sort of web formatting issue? those are the html codes for that sorta stuff..

cset PULSE_* doesn't not sure about the others haven't prodded them yet need to get into the code to see the actual tags..

areaconvert works premo though :D thanks for the update of that again Samson, I'm a very calm man. not easily rattled, angered or frustrated..

I'll keep looking for more things without modding stuff so I don't get confused to what's me and whats core. I do this just for a hobby anyhow and I rather build than implement...

I hope to get some stock areas upped to the site that everyone can use so the whole "Strip stock" or "Stock" debate won't matter.. a 0 level AFK could be shipped with race, class, and area files in seperat downloads so the "time" issue isn't a problem, and reduces bandwidth for those that don't want or need certain things.. and lets those that want something out of the box have it and have it their way :D time though is an issue with me so don't hold yer breath on the areas ;)
Post is unread #2 Dec 21, 2007, 1:03 pm
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Black Hand
JoinedJan 1, 2002

I'm not sure how the cset help might have been lost unless the broken file for 2.02 was missing it somehow. The one that's up now has it though. And no. The SQL modification doesn't have a text file dump option. I suppose that wouldn't be such a bad idea though.

If you're getting weirdness with & turning into &amp; or with <> becoming &lt;&gt; then it's got something to do with the MXP support. That's a flaky pile of crap code as it exists now in the 2.0x branches. Make sure you didn't turn that on as a player flag if your MUD client doesn't support it.

The PULSE_* values cannot be set directly, the missing help would have mentioned this. Those values are derived from the Seconds per tick, and Pulse per second values.
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