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Post is unread #1 Jul 8, 2002, 6:06 am
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JoinedJul 8, 2002

Hi there!

I am new on smaug based muds.. mostly played and coded on lpc. Just downloaded afkmud codebase and succesfully installed it. After browsing and fiddling around i noticed there isn't any reinc system(well there is but not a system I have used to). How tough is it to alter current reinc system or do a command/spell that gives a career class like monks power to reincarnate a player with all his/her experience points. So player can start all over again with a new race/career, but can spend his allready earned experience points on this newly created character this comes with some costs of course(like -10% of total experiences). This is only when and if player chooses to reinc. Otherwise player can hmm raise from dead as currently fetching his/her body and etc.

Sorry for my bad typing, but hope you got the point.

Wannabe implementor
Post is unread #2 Jul 9, 2002, 2:21 pm
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JoinedJun 23, 2002

Lest I am mistaken your talking about something similiar to what DIKU users would call a
'remort'? There are alot of SMAUG snippets out there for it, if you poke around you can probably find one and just modify it slightly. (A remort is, incase the term isnt used in LPC, wherein a high level player may re incarnate themselves).
Infact, I have a remort snippet for SMAUG right here.
I've put it online at http://www.angelfire.com/tn2/ZelseChar/remort.zip.
It will remain for 72 hours.
(I have to reboot as I type this so if you somehow instantly read it it wont
be up for like 4 minutes)
I also added the install file for it and an info from later discussing a bugfix.
Post is unread #3 Jul 9, 2002, 11:46 pm
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Guest - (Unregistered)

Reincarnation just requires a new state to be added for when a player dies, they die as usual, you fire off make_corpse() and all the rest of it to shift equip and stuff about and then don't let them get moved out of the room thier corpse is in (unless you want them elsewhere) and just tag them with a flag of some sort to indicate thier now "dead" status. Once like this a skill doing usual % checks and stuff to remove the flag and thus restore who they are.

In essence that is what you want, which is rather minor modifications, if that is what you want I can be more specific as in where and what needs tweaking.

Only one other thing, while "dead" how do they differ from a "live" character? Dead people, for lack of a better word lets call them Ghosts, have this thing about not being able to physically interact with material reality (unless they are able to force enough willpower to create mass.. but thats up to you) which means all the interaction code needs to check for this "dead" state. Also can everyone see Ghosts? Is it skill based? etc, etc..

Samson and I had talked over something like this a few months back (*wonders if Samson can remeber that * ) about having players die, turn into Ghosts then have abilities like posession and limited abilities to interact with the physical world based on this and that.. it could be taken in lots of directions. Then there would be a reincarnation center to bring yourself back to life, others could rebind you to your body etc.. I dunno if Samson start, or finished up system design on that. But it is quite a feasible implementation.
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