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tintin++ ogg sound player script for linux
Author: Robert Smith
Submitted by: Vladaar
6Dragons ogg Soundpack
Author: Vladaar
Submitted by: Vladaar
6Dragons 4.4
Author: Vladaar
Submitted by: Vladaar
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Author: Remcon
Submitted by: Remcon
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Post is unread #1 Mar 30, 2003, 4:32 pm
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JoinedMar 6, 2003

There are so many defunct emails in the snippets and documents I have used that I am posting to a few forums to serve as public notification. This is done to attempt to adhere to the individual licenses attached to the various snippets. If it is not ok to utilize this forum for this purpose I apologize in advance. - Olcerin, WBoA

The following snippet author's code has been added to Wistron: Blade of the Ancients, or documents used. Attempts have been made to adhere to their individual licenses. This notice will appear in 'help wboacredits' help file, as well as author credit appearing on the bottom of their respective help files. Upon opening to the public you will receive further notification. Thanks for sharing the changes, I have benefited! - Olcerin Arisliith, coder for WBoA

Author : Chris Coulter (aka Gabriel Androctus)
Title : Improved Exit Display

Author : -= Minas Ravenblood =-, Modifications to original source by Samson of Alsherok
Title : Bank

Author : Sadiq, The idea for this code came directly from the color snippet by Samson, of Alsherok mud.
And, generally speaking, the code is his.
Title : Color Parsing Fixes

Author : John Patrick (Ported by Chris Coulter (aka Gabriel Androctus)), Modified further by Kilorn of WBoA
/* another port of this code was done by Zarius, our version is a mixture - Olc */
Title : Knock Command v1.0(modified)

Author : Originally written by Gary McNickle (gary@dharvest.com) for ROM2.4 muds.
Ported to Smaug 1.4a by Samson. Addition of online slay editing added for V2.0 by Samson of Alsherok
Title : Slay V2.0 Smaug Port

Author : Orion Elder
Title : Player Refresh

Author : Originally written by Erwin Andreasen(www.andreasen.org) Ported by Kratas (moon@deathmoon.com) Heavily
modified by Olcerin of WBoA, to include portions of code extracted from codebase Fear 1.1 by Xerves.
Title : Global Boards

Author : Aurora
Title : Document Adding a Channel

Author : Gangien
Title : Documents contained in Mud Coding Tutorial

Author : Xerves
Title : Document SMAUG functions

Author : Original code from the Altanos codebase. Modified for stock Smaug compatibility by Samson of Alsherok.
Title : Altanos Compass

Author : Vladaar vladaar@intelos.net Call To Arms
Title : Quick fix to allow non-auth players to see who is online with do_who

Author : Gangien
Title : Equipment Damage Display

Author : Shogar, Modified by Olcerin of WBoA
Title : Line editor - Formatting command

Author : Lost Prophecy Mud (exact author unknown at the moment)
Title : Invade

Author : Xerves
Title : SMAUG Set Item Levels 1.0

Author : GenMac
Title : Smaug 1.4a Level Increasing Tutorial

Author : Mike Counts aka GenmaC (frag16@yahoo.com)
Title : mpquestcomplete

Author : Rasmus Brosboel - 03171999
Title : mpsleep - a snippet for the SMAUG mud system

Author : LrdElder
Title : Multiansi

Author : Remcon
Title : Nostun

Author : Originally written by Waldemar Thiel (Swiv). Enhancements by Samson of Alsherok.
Title : Character Controlled Delete

Author : Written by Grimm Enhancements and upgrades by Samson of Alsherok
Title : Weapon proficiencies

Author : Sunangel
Title : vassign

Bug fixes were applied off lists maintained by SMAUG, Samson, Orion Elder, Druid, Zylara and were greatly appreciated.
Post is unread #2 Mar 30, 2003, 11:58 pm
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Moved to the announcements forum, as it would technically be considered an announcement. ;)
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