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SmaugFUSS 1.8 Changes
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Post is unread #1 Oct 27, 2007, 7:03 am
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Black Hand
JoinedJan 1, 2002

( This is a repost from the original topic from June 26, 2007 )

Since it hasn't generated any specific comments being buried in another thread, here's what's going on with the upcoming 1.8 release:

Bugfixes and new stuff in addition to those from 1.8:

* Luc's "room_is_dark" fix as posted in the diff file he uploaded. ( May need to update this to his newer patch )
* Grouped money fix in get_obj
* Failed weaponspell fix for one_hit
* Damage message fix for new_dam_message
* Valcados' room_affect fixes, in addition to these values also saving to the area file. WILL NEED TESTING!
* David's skill search patch.
* Kayle's racial skills patch to enable them properly.
* Caius' nanny() cleanup.
* KEY/Value based area file format.

Stuff being added from Smaug 1.8:

* Mudprog variable system.
* Compass display code.
* Shogar's line editor formatting patch.
* Area file credits.
* Room flags to EXT_BV.
* The do_rpcopy command for copying roomprogs, which was apparently never in Smaug 1.4a.
* Remcon's suggested helpfiles - to replace Senir's bugware that was included.
* Chess module, with working IMC2 support updated as needed for current networks.
* Alinks command.
* Clan rosters - but using my own snippet vs what came with 1.8.
* Wizlock saves over reboots. (sysdata)
* OLC ability to delete a deity.
* Noplex's liquid code. Using the latest available version.
* Room level automap - using Zarius' code which is much nicer looking.
* Personalized objects. (Use a flag in addition to the owner's name)
* mphate/hunt/fear mudprogs, properly credited to the original author.
* mpsleep support - verify bugs were fixed.
* objinworld mudprog ifcheck
* Cronel's vnum renumbering system.
* spec_wanderer, because the purpose is pretty cool.

Stuff that might be added, if there's interest:

* Rdig + Rgrid commands.
* Findexit command - mainly because I can't figure out how to use it.
* Login messages. ( Sends a short message to a player when they log in next )
* News snippet.
* Hints code.
* Additional tell, sale, and command mudprog triggers.
* Starmap code.

Things unlikely to be added unless there's significant justification for it:

Senir's house code. Bugware.
Puddle items. Seems like a big waste for little gain.
The new clan vault data system. We already have a storeroom flag for a reason, right?
PK honor ranks. The system is apparently not complete enough to use.
Stances. The implementation appears to be poorly done.

In addition to the above, other small fixes will be tossed in as seen while poking around.

A * in front means the work is already done, compiled, and assumed working.
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