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Dual class ideas
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Post is unread #1 Jul 4, 2002, 7:50 pm
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Guest - (Unregistered)

Hi guys,

Im getting back into coding after having a lay over and want to start out using Aurora's Dual Class snippet to my code. I have seen exp split up between multi-class races on other muds with an expratio command that allows users to type something like expratio 20 30 50 if there were 3 classes. Another possiblity is just having them type something like classexp1, or classexp2 and all exp goes to that class. Anyone fiddled with dual class before? What kind of problems might I potentially run into? Anyone have any neat ideas on how to put it together?


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Post is unread #2 Jul 6, 2002, 5:14 pm
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Dementius Rabbitus
JoinedJan 1, 2002

Given that this is the coding forum, you're probably not really after what I have to say, but... Just ignore me if I'm way off what you want. And I'm a builder, so I can't tell you how to CODE any of this.

My experience with multiclassing in the past has been pretty much the way 2nd edition AD&D handled it, which was you picked out two or three classes at creation, and advanced simultaneously. Of course, given a max level of x, if multiclasses can advance to x in each class, that leads to some rather severe munchkinness. So the part of me that's been an admin and a AD&D DM for the last 5 years says no, any system that allows you to get that kinda power is a bad, bad thing.

Dwip's First Law of Multiclassing: If you have X levels, multiclasses should max at X like normal classes.

Having blathered all that, I'd set it up something like this.

The preferable way to do it is sort of like how 3e D&D or Neverwinter Nights does it. You start out as class A, and at every level, you can chose to pick up another class. This obviously isn't going to work very well if you don't have a 3e style unified xp chart for all the classes.

The other option is the old at creation, you pick two or three or something classes, and that's it. Lots easier to deal with if you don't have ye olde unified xp chart.

In the first case, you don't need to have any kind of expratio command or anything, and in the second, it's probably prefferable to do something more like the classexp1/2 commands just to slow down multis so they don't become ubermunchkins of doom.

Dunno if that's what you were after, but there you go.
Post is unread #3 Jul 13, 2002, 1:22 pm
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Guest - (Unregistered)

Thanks for the reply Dwip.

Actually I have planned to make it so dualclass players only recieve 60% of exp from kills that solo classes do. This is becuase my dualclass will merely level as the expbase of bothclasses divided by 2. Also solo class get a hp bonus upon leveling. I think that might solve the problems of everyone being dual class, or players being too powerful. I hope anyways.
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