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Smaugfuss vs AFKmud
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Post is unread #1 Nov 26, 2006, 9:31 am
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JoinedNov 26, 2006

As I am clearly trying to find or attempt to find a suitable codebase for a group to create a new mud.

Could anyone help me with the main differences in smaugfuss and AFKmud, since it is clear they are at least closly related. I have been having some problems doing some simple things in AFKmud1.77 right out of the box, but yet it seems to have a few more advance features.

Archery seems to work on fuss, traps I can set without crashing, but have yet to have one spring to do damage.
We are not interested in overland or the maps of AFKmud.

Conner you must use fuss while Samsom seems to use AFKmud, or a variant.

thanks in advance guys...clearly there is much work and effort of which I can't even begin to think you all for. Hope to help advance stuff in the future.

Post is unread #2 Nov 27, 2006, 12:31 am
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JoinedMay 8, 2005

Yes, Samson is the creator of AFK which is a derivative of FUSS, so he uses AFK whereas I use something that very closely resembles FUSS, though my code is so hybrided at this point, I'm not really sure it's even a derivative of just one codebase anymore. :lol:

Samson also maintains the FUSS project as well, so he's probably the best person to try to answer the question about the differences between AFK and FUSS for you, though I think Remcon has dissected both enough times by now that he might be just as qualified too. In any event, I'm surely not. There are a lot of differences though and AFK is certainly the more feature rich of the two.
Post is unread #3 Nov 27, 2006, 7:53 am   Last edited Nov 27, 2006, 8:06 am by kiasyn
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JoinedJun 30, 2006

I think there is another thread around (on fussproject/afkmud) somewhere that this question has been answered. I'll see if i can find it.

EDIT: Didn't find it. damn.
Post is unread #4 Nov 27, 2006, 9:04 am   Last edited Nov 25, 2007, 5:12 pm by Samson
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Black Hand
JoinedJan 1, 2002

It's been done: http://www.gammon.com.au/forum/bbshowpost.php?id=7129

But the main differences are the number of extra features that AFKMud comes with which Smaug does not have. Shameless self-promotion: http://www.smaugmuds.org/index.php?a=page&p=4
A good sized chunk of that list is things we've added or enhanced in the codebase above what Smaug itself already offers.
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