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Considering switching from LPC
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Post is unread #1 Sep 7, 2006, 6:13 am
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JoinedSep 7, 2006


I have been playing around with LPC for several months now. I have found it interesting and a language well suited to mudding. However, there is virtually no community support and too much infighting. The fact the versions I have been using relly on mudos is also an issue for me, as it is a project that has ceased development. Although the LPC may live via Pike, it seems some way off before there would be a mudlib that usable.

I am considering switching to Smaug FUSS. I am not looking to setup a full game at this stage, just have a poke around. Could anyone advise me of the pro/cons of LPC versus SMaug. I have a reasonable knowledge of c/c++/c#, I am not an expert though.



Post is unread #2 Sep 9, 2006, 6:49 pm
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Black Hand
JoinedJan 1, 2002

Having never used LPC myself I'm not really qualified to make a comparison between that and Smaug. I would assume the softcoding support available in any LPC based engine would make it more versatile than something more rigid like Smaug.

However, Smaug is one of the better Diku based branches to work from. The FUSS project has been keeping things nicely maintained now for several years with a fairly active community behind it. From time to time I even get communications from official Smaug developers who are apparently still keeping track of where we've taken things since the last official Smaug release in 1998.

I didn't want to just let this topic seem like it's been ignored either. I have a feeling that most folks who frequent this particular site are not very familiar with LPC and are in the same boat I am as far as making comparisons between it and Smaug. Personally I think if you're looking to give a Diku codebase a try, this would be the best choice for something stable and well maintained. If you're looking for something that's also fairly advanced with several additional features, you might give AFKMud a look as well.
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