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[Bug] do_bashdoor has an unnecessary chance for the basher to attack itself
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Post is unread #1 Apr 25, 2005, 9:30 am
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Black Hand
JoinedJan 1, 2002

Bug: do_bashdoor has an unnecessary chance for the basher to attack itself
Danger: Trivial - Pointless condition
Found by: GatewaySysop
Fixed by: GatewaySysop


act_move.c, do_bashdoor

Locate the following chunk of code at the end and remove ( or comment it out ):
   if( !char_died( ch ) )
      for( gch = ch->in_room->first_person; gch; gch = gch->next_in_room )
         if( IS_AWAKE( gch ) && !gch->fighting && ( IS_NPC( gch ) && !IS_AFFECTED( gch, AFF_CHARM ) )
             && ( ch->level - gch->level <= 4 ) && number_bits( 2 ) == 0 )
            multi_hit( gch, ch, TYPE_UNDEFINED );

The basic gist of it as GatewaySysop explains is that mobs in the room which may be bashing doors stand a chance of engaging themselves in a fight to the death simply for missing their mark. If you look closely at the rest of do_bashdoor, there are already conditions present for the basher to take damage during the attempt and this last chunk of code serves no real purpose except to occasionally cause mobs to kill themselves.
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