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Afkmud 1.25 maintenance release
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Post is unread #1 Oct 9, 2002, 5:38 am
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Black Hand
JoinedJan 1, 2002

It's patch time again folks! :P

Disclaimer type thing: Patch file upgrades are not 100% guaranteed to work. BACK UP YOUR MUD before using it. If you don't, and it breaks, don't blame us. We warned you.

This patch is dependent upon having the 1.2dp1 package in place, either from the full release or by having patched
it with the 1.2dp1 patch. Applying it without the 1.2dp1 patch probably won't work and we won't support errors caused
because of this. This also means you need the little hotfix file for that as well before you start.

To apply - all you should need to do is put the patch file in your src dir, and type: patch < 1.2dto1.25.patch

NOTE: This will be the last planned patch release for the 1.2x line. Barring any fatal bugs discovered, the next release
will be a full package only. This is due to the rather obscene number of patch files being generated, and the fact that
the next release will likely be incorporating LOTS of large additions.

So now you ask, "What does this patch do Samson?"

Well, I'll tell you, have a look:

Bugfixes for this patch:

Fixed various memory leaks as reported by Druid on the SML. [Samson]
Fixed the argument formats of the following functions, as reported by Druid at the MPMF. [Samson]
ch_printf, pager_printf, log_printf, fprintf, bug, paint, and log_string.
Fixed bug in do_examine that allowed players to bypass exam_progs, as reported by Druid. [Samson]
Fixed a memory leak in the Intermud-3, IMC2, and local channel histories. [Samson]
Fixed the Intermud-3 color parser and social token parser. [Orion]
Dracoliches can now only be animated from dragon corpses. [Tarl]
Added EOS' alterations to the pfile code to optimize disk access time. [Samson]

Non-Bugfix alterations:

Removed the dormant do_whois function. Has been supplanted by do_finger. [Samson]
Removed the orphaned do_oldscore command which was no longer being called anywhere. [Samson]
Removed the orphaned do_skin command which was no longer being called anywhere. [Samson]
Removed the orphaned do_worth command which was no longer being called anywhere. [Samson]
Added more checks for sysdata.maxvnum throughout the code. [Samson]
Added "listen all" and "listen none" as arguments to the do_listen command for local channels. [Samson]
Removed the restriction on newbies using the chat channel. [Samson]
Disabled a check in fight.c that was creating unnecessary delays for dying in combat. [Samson]
Altered do_setexit to store the old sector an exit is built on so that if the exit is removed, it will be replaced. [Samson]

New stuff this patch:

Added IMC2 webserver module. [Samson]

Non-Code updates:

Edited support in the public_html files to accomadate the IMC2 server module. [Samson]
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