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EmlenMUD II - Can it be found?
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Post is unread #1 Oct 11, 2005, 5:23 am
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JoinedOct 11, 2005

I'm looking for the Emlenmud II graphical client and server code /
binaries for Windows / Linux. I can't seem to find them floating around
the Internet at all. Does anyone still have a backup of these, or would
you direct me to the dark, dark corner of the internet where I could
find them?

Here's an old post by Owen Emlen, the creator:


-- Announcing a new codebase, built from scratch, in C++,
available to browse over/compile/try out now! --

Built by Owen Emlen, coder of Midpoint Void, Rights of Passage,
Aturion Dynasty, etc, with help from Greg Richardson (idea guru
of the above mentioned muds)...

EmlenMud II server runs under Windows 95, even better under NT 4.0.

Graphical client (this is a start of a graphical mud - the
client is a solid base that demos some capabilities such as
map window, animation, see others walking around, etc, while
still retaining a textual-based mud feel) runs in 95/NT with
800x600 or higher resolution, small fonts mode in 800x600, large
fonts mode in 1024x768.

This project still needs a lot of work, but will be under constant
development. Read below for more information.


EmlenMud II (copyright 1998, Owen Emlen) is a primarily Win95/NT
multi-user game, written from scratch, in C++. It has been designed
to work in conjunction with a graphical client, although gameplay is
possible through normal telnet.

EmlenMud II requires Visual C++ v5.0 to compile, and Win95/NT to
Versions for Linux, Solaris, BSD, and Irix are planned soon. (2Q
To install EmlenMud II, unzip the source files and the data files
the same directory, and run 'setup'.

The client requires Windows 95/98/NT 4.0 or higher running at
screen resolution or better. 486/66 or higher recommended, with
modem minimum. To install the client, unzip the client files into
a directory and run 'setup'.

Note: This is a very preliminary release. Little or no
is included. ALWAYS refer to the FAQ (Frequently asked questions)
before emailing Owen with a question.

EmlenMud II comes partly as pre-compiled distribution libraries,
provide base functionality, and additional source files, which can
used to completely customize the game itself.

If you would like to report bugs or suggest features, email Owen
oem...@indiana.edu until May, email to be posted later after May.
*Check the FAQ first*

Before using EmlenMud II, you must read and agree to the terms
included in the README.txt file.

This file briefly details some features of EmlenMud II, some
soon-to-be-added features, and some directions for modification
and building of EmlenMud II.



1. Online Editors: Social editor, clan/guild editor, room editor,
editor, mob editor, area editor, affect editor, spell editor, skill
editor, communications editor, mob/player editor, army editor,
editor, reset editor, terrain editor, region editor, race editor,
auto-room-image reset maker, ...

2. Full support for the EmlenMud II Client, exploration/travel points,
localized communication, completely customizable flags and
Highly scalable event-driven system. Everything schedules its own
events, eliminating laggy 'ticks', while keeping the load on the
processor down.

3. Grouping and combat-field based combat. Visual combat with client.
Unique experience system. Mobs that save over reboots.

4. Shops, practitioners that teach specific skills to specific
a procedural scripting-language that allows mobs to talk, remember,
perform quests, etc, multiple-player remembering and tracking.

5. Customizable regions that determine gameplay rules within that
IE: battleground (no loss on death), no-fighting region,

6. Plainly marked functions that can be modified to alter basic rules
within the game, including pkill, looting, moving, etc...

7. A world generator that can create large open spaces. Define your
own terrains online (move cost, etc), or modify the existing ones,
etc... Autodig command allows an administrator to move freely,
creating rooms, or linking rooms, depending on if there is a room
in the direction the administrator is trying to move. Base the
dug rooms on another room 'template' for extremely fast building.

8. A solid codebase that is not prone to crashes. Hash table
information and game information, online.

9. Wizlock below certain levels, define channel level restrictions,
hp/mp/magic use for channels, registry of who logged in at what
time last, and first login date, logging functions, with game
bugs and inconsistancy and full script debugging online. Newbie-
ban or full-ban problem sites, or newbie ban with an exemption

10. Advanced admin functions such as limiting items total, limiting
items currently existing in the world, removing items from all
players, online or offline, disallowing mobs/objects to load,
scattering random resets around specific regions or the world,

11. Autogenerated base objects, generated from materials with specific
properties. Bodypart specific protection, as well as protection
percents against different types of weapons.


Soon-to-be-added Features:

1. Conflict (Good/Evil - country/country - etc) tested support.
2. Exploration points divided up among group members when exploring
with a group. - DONE/untested
3. Optional race support.
4. Enhancements to combat: missing/flurry/more reliance on skill,
5. Doors and locks.
6. Yelling and assisting, along with wanted-in-region features.
7. Save-able mounts and pets (stables/petshops/etc)

Later Features:

1. Vehicles.
2. Better security: allow builders to access more commands, safely.
3. Mob features in combat and special attacks.
4. Runable as a service under NT.
5. Missile weapon support.
6. Editors completed for the client.
7. Encryption of passwords.
8. Consider and group consider.
9. Saving corpses, and configurable mob-saving.
10. Offline player editor.


Directions for Modification / Building:

These directions are included to ensure that all future updates
can be installed relatively easily and painlessly.

1. Make sure all new code goes in seperate modules. Some source files
might be overwritten, and any code you place in them, lost.
Care will be taken to minimize this effect, but the more code
place in new modules, the less code you risk to lose on

2. Make sure the features you're planning on adding aren't already
listed for an upcoming version of EmlenMud II. No need to work
on a new feature if it will be coming in soon anyway.

3. If you think you've written some good code, (anything from
cosmetic enhancements to the editors, to extra functionality)
and wish to give (ie relinquish all copyright rights) that code
to Owen Emlen, you may mail it to him. It will either be
or used in the base EmlenMud II distribution.

4. Try to make as few changes as possible to the classes in the .h
If you need to add variables or virtual functions, add them to the
end. This ensures that the library will continue to function


1. Make sure the world is arranged in a heirarchical fashion.
For instance, a character might step onto a 'city' graphic,
and would be transported to a close-up city (ala Ultima 3).
This is done easily through scripts.

2. If you notice slow performance with radius-based communication,
limit the channel distance to 15-20 squares. On faster
you can easily go higher.


Where to get EmlenMud II source and the latest client:



/* Problem preventing distribution of a *nix version:

If you know how to fix this, email me. Thanks! My suspicious is
something with stack-allocated global variables.
Linker: ld, compiler: g++, platform: Solaris

Undefined first referenced
symbol in file
__builtin_delete areashared.o
__builtin_new charshared.o
__pure_virtual affectshared.o
__builtin_vec_new charshared.o
ld: fatal: Symbol referencing errors. No output written to testserver


Post is unread #2 Oct 11, 2005, 7:31 pm
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JoinedMar 7, 2005

There's a supposed Emlen 2.5 and another Emlen file over at mudmagic.com, but I'm hoping you've already looked there and that this isn't what you want? It doesn't look like much from what I could tell but that's just my $.02. I certainly didn't see anything about a graphical client so it's probably not what you want. But anyway, just thought I'd throw that out there in case it helps.

Post is unread #3 Oct 11, 2005, 7:39 pm
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Black Hand
JoinedJan 1, 2002

Both of the Emlen downloads on Mudmagic.com are probably what you are looking for. They're the only publically available versions of this I know of. There had been some rumors of licensing problems with these bases but I don't know if anyone ever bothered to do a proper audit.
Post is unread #4 Oct 13, 2005, 6:35 am
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JoinedOct 11, 2005

Nope, that is not what I am looking. It is supposed to be a copy from 1998. By the way, I have found it lying among the mess in my computer. Anyone is welcomed to ask me for a copy!
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