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AFKMud 1.2a update released
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Post is unread #1 Apr 20, 2002, 10:16 pm
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Black Hand
JoinedJan 1, 2002

So. It's that time. Collected about a month's worth of minor fixes and such, and look what happened. A patch file resulted! Ye olde patch file is available for download in the usual place.

Disclaimer type thing: Patch file upgrades are not 100% guaranteed to work. BACK UP YOUR MUD before using it. If you don't, and it breaks, don't blame us. We warned you.

To apply - all you should need to do is put the patch file in your src dir, and type: patch < 1.2to1.2a.patch

Word of caution: It *MAY* stop and say something about losing a header on line 946 or some crap. If so, it'll be asking for the file to patch. Tell it comm.c and all will be well.

So now you ask, "What does this patch do Samson?"

Well, I'll tell you, have a look:

Bugfixes for the 1.2a patch:

Removed minilzo.c from Makefile. [Samson]
Fixed speech buffer problem for mobs in do_say, and in do_ask. [Tarl]
Fixed bug in do_areas. Command wasn't properly handling its arguments. [Dwip]
Fixed a minor display bug in do_mstat. [Tarl]
Fixed do_restore to replenish a player's hunger and thirst. [Tarl]
Fixed a crash bug in do_mpdoppleganger. [Samson]
Fixed a speech buffer problem for mobs in send_tochannel. [Tarl]
Incorporated Matarael's fix for the "someone" overland bug. [Samson]
Fixed an IMC hook in free_char. [Samson]
Fixed a bug in dual wield. [Tarl]
Fixed combat styles to actually alter AC like they should have all along. [Tarl]
Fixed autoassist for grouped pets. [Tarl]
Fixed a bug that caused mobs to overuse their attack abilities in combat. [Tarl]
Fixed a bug that was causing pets to be killed by the caster's own area spells. [Tarl]
Fixed do_cast to check whether or not certain morphs can cast spells. [Tarl]
Fixed spell_save check in dispel_magic. [Tarl]
Fixed a check in the name authorization for people who are still online. [Samson]
Removed the Oasis OLC code to edit mprogs. [Samson]
Fixed a bug in Oasis OLC that wasn't allowing the noquit roomflag to be edited. [Samson]
Fixed the negative mana bug for polymorphs. [Tarl]
Fixed a bug in guild vendors that was letting people buy multiple items for the price of one. [Tarl]
Fixed cosmetic bug in do_kick where "." would appear instead of an actual damage message. [Tarl]

Non-bugfix alterations:

Corrected item_ego calculations to be more realistic. [Tarl]
Changed do_beacon to show what area a beacon is set in. [Tarl]
Incorporated Zarius' replacement for do_channels. [Samson]
Eliminated the use of the bugs.txt file in the system directory. [Samson]
Addition of several new things for worshippers to supplicate from their deities. [Tarl]
Reworked how bug() deals with bug messages. [Samson]
Cosmetic alteration to realm_string array. [Samson]
Added player comments for online section of do_finger. [Samson]
Added protection to do_hotboot to prevent hotbooting while players are engaged in combat or on a skyship flight. [Samson]
Allowed players to see item wear_flags and layer information in spell_identify. [Cam]
Brought Oasis OLC up to date on item values. [Samson]
Expanded the viewing radius for the overland while aboard a Skyship. [Samson]

New stuff this patch:

Added groundwork for Diablo2 style socketed items which required the addition of new
values for objects and a pair of new apply_types. [Samson]
Added code to detect a player's terminal program. [Samson] ( Thanks to Nick Gammon! )
Added a case_argument clone for one_argument which won't slaughter case in strings. [Samson]
Added mprog_targetted_speech_trigger for use with do_ask so that a room full of mobs won't respond to it. [Samson]

Non-Code fixes to some of the stock areas were applied too, but unfortunately I forgot what those were, and attempting to patch to find that out didn't go well, so if any of the stock area files bug out, pick them off from the main distro package. Help.are was also worked over fairly hard, which means you'll need to scan it for changes as well.

Also, for those of you that are licensed users and have provided your address and port information, a new Intermud-3 channel has been set aside for exclusive use of AFK muds. Contact us for instructions on how to add the channel if you use I3.

[Edit 4-1-2003: This channel no longer exists due to lack of interest]
Post is unread #2 Apr 23, 2002, 11:58 am
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JoinedApr 23, 2002

FYI - the new code does not compile, it complains about log_buf2.
Post is unread #3 Apr 23, 2002, 2:48 pm
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Black Hand
JoinedJan 1, 2002

Yep. One of those gcc3 things. To solve this, just move the declarations for log_buf2 up to the tops of the 2 functions it's complaining about and this will solve the problem.
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