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Getting support for the codebase
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Post is unread #1 Jul 12, 2006, 6:22 am
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Black Hand
JoinedJan 1, 2002

Alright. This needs to get nipped now before it gets out of control. I got an email from a user who posted a thread on Mudmagic and was pissed off (!) that I did not personally respond to his question. Apparently someone else did and gave them a pile of worthless information as a response.

First off, from what I gather, the post was less than 2 days old. Under even the most ideal conditions, I may not have time to respond that quickly. Secondly, as I'm sure everyone should know by now, I have no access to mudmagic because Kyndig is a prick and banned me from the site.

Your best bet for getting support for AFKMud is to come here. Of those people who know the codebase, obviously we know it best. Ironically enough, the same batch of people have largely been banned from mudmagic, making any responses you would get unqualified at best, and at worst, damaging if the advice given is wrong and affects a critical function.

You can post on other forums as well, but the chances of it being answered in a timely and accurate manner are slim.
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