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5 questions
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Post is unread #1 Apr 27, 2006, 7:23 pm
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JoinedMar 11, 2006

Well, i was doing some work and i got confused on 5 things.

1. How do i make it so when i make an object, get rid of the PROTO flag so it stays gone? what i mean is like, even after i area save it, and i reboot the mud, its set back to PROTO.

2. Ok, when you make an object, and set its values/affects and what not, when you re:load the item, the names(short/long) ar ehte same, but the values/effects all need to be reset, how do i fix this?

3. Ok, i made an Academy for players to go to, but i want to make it so at the auto advancer mob, theres a one way exit north into it, but it wont stay like that, how would i fix that?

4. How do i make triggers/progs for rooms/mobs/objs and how would you load it into the room/mob/obj?

5. Ok, i think i know the answer to this question but, if i wanted to get rid of an area, would i just like go into the area files, get rid of the one i want to get rid of then reassign more vnums to the person?

Thanks in advance.

Post is unread #2 Apr 28, 2006, 1:00 pm
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The Null Value
GroupAFKMud Team
JoinedFeb 23, 2003

1) You should make sure that you're holding the only version of that item with the proto flag set. You save the item, unset the flag, and then save it again. Remember that savearea doesn't save installed areas, either.
2) The item must be prototype, and you must save the area.
3) Won't stay like that how? It becomes two-way? Or doesn't stick? It seems like you may be editing an installed area - remember, foldarea to save an installed area.
4) This is more complicated. See these helpfiles: mpcommands, mptriggers, rptriggers, optriggers, mpedit, rpedit, and opedit. Don't foget to look at the "See Also" portions of those helpfiles.
5) If the area has been installed, then UNFOLDAREA *should* remove it. I'd just double-check area.lst to be certain. Building areas are different. I do believe you can just reassign the vnums to them, and it'll wipe out the area. Though, you'll probably want to do this with their area unloaded. If it's loaded, and they savearea, I do believe it'll save what's in memory... (Don't forget, a copyover will unload all building areas)
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