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Darkoth's Bugfix List

From: "Felix.."
Cc: smaug@realms.game.org
Subject: Re: BUG

There's two ways to go about it, either get people you actually trust to
be immortals...

You might want to throw in this in mud_comm.c:

if ( get_trust ( victim ) <= LEVEL_AVATAR )
interpret( victim, argument );
progbug( "Mpforce - Attempting to force an immortal! Cheater detected!", ch);

That snipit thanks to Xanth.

Also in build.c you might want to put in a check for existing pfiles
before it allows you to mset the name, I believe there was a similar code
posted about a week or so back (havn't been reading the list ofr a few

From: Newt
Subject: attention all... bug fix

ok.. we have caught a small, yet potentially dangerous bug...
most muds (even d&d) does damage by the :

xdx+x (i.e. 2d6+6 which is max 18)

well smaug DOESNT recognize the +x ... thus all BAREHANDED mobs are only
doing xdx damage...(example would only be max 12 dam)

but its simple to fix: in fight.c

search for 'bare'

dam = number_range( ch->barenumdie, ch->baresizedie * ch->barenumd );

and change to:

dam = number_range( ch->barenumdie, ch->baresizedie * ch->barenumd ) + ch->damplus;

simple fix.... if you dont fix this mobs dont hit as hard as they should
and thus players dont take as much damage as they should from the mobs.

korbillian@mud.tka.com 4000 (Cold Fusion Mud)

From: Gregor Moody
Subject: Re: attention all... bug fix

interesting, is that whole if statement off? I mean , shouldnt the
weapon damage be added
to bare damage?. Looks at tho some mobs would be better off without a
It seems to me it should read:

dam = number_range( ch->barenumdie, ch->baresizedie * ch->barenumd ) + ch->damplus;
dam += number_range(wield->value[1],wield->value[2]);

From: smaug
Subject: Re: Reducing Smaug's abusability...

Fairly easy/quick fix in do_order, right after the 'Do it yourself' check,
if(strstr(arg2,"mp") != NULL)
send_to_char("No.. I don't think so.\n\r",ch);

On Wed, 8 Oct 1997, Andrew Bell wrote:

> Ok, having played and administered on a Smaug mud, I thought you others
> out there might like the following advice.
> It seems the emminent Smaug coders got a bit lazy when they added the
> last few mobprogs in. Specifically, the check to see if the mob is
> charmed has not been included in several mobprogs. This means any player
> can charm a mob and order it to do these commands. Now, while this would
> be fun to use connected to other Smaug muds, I figure its better to share
> than keep the secrets of the trade.
> Namely, these mpcommands include:
> mpwithdraw: order your favourite mob to become a financial wiz and give
> ya cash
> mppkset: don't like that nondeadly? heck make him a deadly and kill him!
> mpapply
> mpapplyb
> There all at the tail end of the mud_prog.c file from memory.