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AFKMud 1.8
Author Submitted by Version D/L File Size Date Added

AFKMud Team Samson 620 1.87 MB Dec 26, 2006

Bugfixes this release:

Elimination of the log_buf global and all the problems it caused. [Samson]
Diggable exits not handled by instaroom. [Samson]
Object stacking is not working properly. [Samson]
Monks and Necromancers keep resist flags that should be upgraded. [Samson]
Class based bonuses are not held when removing/equipping items. [Samson]
Spell immunity checks are not working properly. [Samson]
Crash when trying to hold an item with no wielded weapon. [Samson]
Trap flags are not ordered right, missing some entries. [Remcon]
The bug function is susceptible to infinite looping. [Remcon]
Pfiles can cause infinite loops if corrupted. [Samson]
Where command was not finding objects on pfiles. [Samson]
Newly created class and race files save directory twice. [Remcon]
Using mudprog editor while in a relation lock causes a crash. [Halcyon]
Setclass will not set Charisma for prime attribute. [GatewaySysop]
Objects may lose data when saved. [Remcon]
Blinking color tags don't work properly. [Remcon]
Color theme file is not closed properly in an error condition. [Halcyon]
Score affects sometimes display in 3 columns. [Remcon]
Mobs can wander and flee through window exits and death traps. [Remcon]
Mudprog data not freed when an object is freed. [Keberus]
Damage message displays incorrect message. [Remcon]
The fread_mobile function is unsafe and also has leaks. [Remcon]
Area conversion breaks the area lists if one fails. [Samson]
rpedit command has wrong syntax options. [Toadvile]
Extracting mounted NPCs resets the wrong bit flag. [Kiasyn]
Oset does not use the correct values when setting lever flags. [Remcon]
File security issues in multiple modules. [Remcon/Samson]
String checking arguments reversed in ban code. [Remcon/Mordecai]
Mobs will ignore nomob flag in rooms when moving. [Remcon]
Any clan leader can outcast any member. [Remcon]
Action descriptions will reveal invisible players. [Remcon]
Web links incorrectly parse color tags when they should not. [Remcon]
do_exits does not check darkness before displaying the exits. [Banner]
mset and oset allow blank keywords to be set. [Toadvile]
Lever position ifcheck doesn't work properly. [Remcon]
mudprog ifchecks don't work on values 6-10. [Samson]
Numerous problems with the switch command. [Valcados]
hset command does not validate the level field. [Kiasyn]
mposet can cause object short descriptions to change mid-script. [Valcados]
Scavenging mobs claim to pick up prototype items. [Valcados]
Invisible glowing items aren't supported properly. [Valcados]
look command will show occupants in dark rooms when it shouldn't. [Valcados]
Breath mobs are biased based on room occupant order. [Valcados]
Mudprog ifchecks do not support proper nesting. [Valcados]
leave_prog can crash the game by closing an exit. [Samson/Remcon]
Aggressing mobs won't attack players using writing buffers. [Valcados]
Modifying prototype item affects can corrupt player stats. [Valcados]
Crashes and memory leaks in OLC functions. [Valcados]
smaug_spell skills stopped displaying success messages in some cases. [Samson]
autogold/sac/loot/etc. do not work correctly. [Valcados]
Deleting a room with the at command can lead to disaster. [Samson]
Port numbers sometimes show up in logs with negative values. [Samson]
Adding a room affect fails under most conditions. [Samson]
Global weath_unit value is not properly validated. [Remcon]
fwrite_obj does not validate for NULL objects. [Phoneix Dracul]
Backstab skill misuses short_descr field for players. [Toadvile]
Wearing an item with only a hold flag will crash the game. [Samson]
Switched players always show [help start]. [Toadvile]
Previous fix for deleted rooms is itself a crash vector. [Kigen]
Switched PC's cause crash in color processing. [Samson]
Pfile pruner has several problems. [Toadvile/Samson]
Auction item is not checked when object is extracted. [Samson]
Exit creation stumbles on flags in the argument. [Samson]
Run command does not stop the player if combat begins. [Samson]
Setting resets on rooms that have none yet will crash. [Remcon]
Old ibuild code chunks cause crashes when called from redit. [Samson/Remcon]
Ask command has global scope. [Samson]
FreeBSD fix for endian.h include in SHA-256 code. [Samson]

Non-Bugfix alterations:

Consolidated usage of the area_conflicts function. [Samson]
Added support for unimplemented trap flags. [Remcon]
Copyright headers updated for 2007. Yes, it's close enough. [Samson]

No, this isn't the long awaited C++ conversion code.

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