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AFKMud 1.7
Author Submitted by Version D/L File Size Date Added

AFKMud Team Samson 459 1.84 MB Dec 26, 2006

Bugfixes this release:

Nested put resets have finally been fixed completely. [Samson]
(See details in followup forum post)
Zarius' liquid system patch applied. [Zarius]
Web related code now conforms to HTML standards. [Samson]
Quotes are not being unlinked from the list during memory cleanup. [Samson]
Language profiles are not being unlinked from the list during memory cleanup. [Samson]
Name authorization listings for changed names are not being properly reallocated. [Samson]
KEY macro is not completely safeguarded. [Samson]
create_new_race is not properly allocating the where_name list. [Samson]
free_shellcommands is not unlinking entries from the list. [Samson]
do_mpforce performs actions which may remove mobs/players from the room and fails to safeguard against this. [Samson]
Assisting mob check is iterating over the entire CHAR_DATA list instead of the room. [Samson]
Astral walk spell is not safeguarded against characters leaving the room. [Samson]
Group Towngate spell does not safely transfer people from the source room. [Samson]
Despair spell is not protected against targets who might flee the room. [Samson]
Liquid mixture table has an array which is too small. [Samson]
save_equipment array is defined with a hardcoded value. [Samson]
Creating new repair shops sets hardcoded initial close_hour value. [Samson]
imclog function is not showing up for users. [Zarius]
char_to_room is not adjusting the player count in an area. [Zarius]
Memory leak in clean_obj - not clearing mudprog pointers. [Samson]
Memory leak in clean_room - not clearing mudprog pointers. [Samson]
delete_room saves areas when not desireable. [Samson]
Value settings on some items causes a crash when the item is stat'd. [Samson/Celestria]
Deity worshipper count is not being adjusted in do_mset. [Samson/Celestria]
Deity worshipper count is not safeguarded against going negative in do_devote. [Celestria]
Clan member count is not safeguarded against going negative in do_mset and do_outcast. [Samson]
RISA flags converted to EXT_BV to correct bugs in how they were handled on objects. [Samson]
Repairset command is not recognizing mob names or vnums. [Celestria]
(This one is not in the patch - technically was discovered after the release. Check the 1.64 bugfix list final post )

Non-Bugfix alterations:

Areaconvert command looks for zones in a new directory. [Samson]
weather_info pointer is no longer used but was never removed. [Samson]
-Winline removed from Makefile. [Samson]
Log messges for area loading made easier to read. [Samson]

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