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Samson Vladaar 19q3 506 74.40 KB Dec 6, 2013 Dec 15, 2013

This snippet is old and for the most part probably unsupported. However, noticed other day I wanted to get on imc2 that is is pretty much dead.
I found this old snippet on nick gammon's site still, so thought it should be preserved here. i3 does work though, and there are 83 muds that use it. So plenty of folks to talk to. http://lpmuds.net/intermud.html

InterMUD-3 - is a protocol initially designed for use on LP muds. It lets you chat with other muds that also use the code ingame with new channels such as dchat. It is meant to rely less on a mud's internal codebase structures to operate and is extremely stable, and can be readily expanded. It also supports a number of external mud to mud packet types which can be implemented on an individual basis. The protocol is also publically available, including some basic guidelines for router design. The code has now been adapted for use with Diku derived muds and has proven to be a much safer alternative to using IMC2 code. There is also no need to apply for a connection before actually hooking up your mud. Just plug in, set your configuration data, and connect.

I updated this to have current i3.channels that I am using, the i3.c, i3,h, i3cfg.h and i3.routers info.
follow the instructions in smaug_install.txt and the regular i3install.txt

Further updated to utilize Quixadhal's version he had on his github site https://github.com/quixadhal/SmaugFUSS/tree/master/i3

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