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MPSleep (LOP)
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Remcon Remcon 1.0 465 9.26 KB Jan 27, 2012

MpSleep 2.0 - Compiled by Dace K. (djdace.k@gmail.com)
Was installing mpsleep on a new codebase of mine, and decided to compile
a fixed up version for anyone having problems with mpsleep. This version
fixes the bugs involving else statements used after mpsleep, which the
original version would simply skip over.

Any license that the original code may have been under still applies to this
one - I assume it simply involves leaving the comments intact, and giving
credit where credit's due.

Credits go to:
RASMUS BROSBOEL : Original mpsleep code.
Olcerin : Nested ifcheck fix.
Odis/WhiteKnight : Fix for skipped elsechecks.
Gohan_TheDragonball : Final fix for mpsleep within ifchecks.
The mpsleep snippet allows allows you to delay the execution of your mud
programs for a number of pulses. This will make a mob telling a story able
to pause after every line, or just some, to make it seem like the mob is
actually talking to you, not just throwing 2 pages of text after you. This
command does not pause the mob/obj/room, only the program.
This command is useable anywhere you would like to delay a mudprogram
before it moves on to the next line.
>greet_prog 80~
say Greetings $n
mpsleep 6
say I have now paused for 6 pulses
mpsleep 4
say I have now paused for 4 pulses
Thats what was in the original one, but since I'm asked a lot about it figured might as well see what the issues were and just give a diff file of it.

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