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Xerves Samson 1.01 326 12.22 KB Jul 30, 2011

Furniture 1.01 By Xerves (Released September 18, 1999)
Xerves is the admin/owner of Rafermand

Hello, and thanks for visiting my site and picking up a few of my snippets
(well atleast 1 snippet). This 1.01 release is a huge bug fix for 1.0 and
should fix most of the problems with the release. Also, I added some
support for being able to type stand <obj> while you are standing and then
typing stand while on the object to hop off of it and land on the ground.
Not to mention all the if checks to see if the character is on an object
before transfering (it will remove you from it if you are). Also, when
you use any transfering spell/skill you now will be standing after it
is used. If you want to change this, you need to remove the check to
see if they are standing, and if they are not, make them stand. Well,
that is it, here is my email address if you find any bugs

As mentioned before, 1.1 will be out sometime (when I do not know). It
will feature this.

1. HP/Mana/Move restoring on furniture
2. Weight limit/Person limit. If maxed it breaks in half
3. Container support

Also, I am taking ideas for 1.1, so you can email me any ideas you would like
to see. Thanks, and I will email the list when it is available.

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User Comments For: Furniture
By: Aurin
So THAT'S what the furniture snippet everyone was talking about is. *LOL* Wish I knew about that almost a year ago, wouldn'ta had to work through it myself and do the fixes on my own.

Still, it doesn't allow for players that "bump" a wall while standing. That should also drop you off the furniture. Nor do I see it dropping you off the furniture if you leave the room, which means the pfile will still think the player is standing on that furniture when they go into another room, so will not be able to perform any actions other than move until they get off the furniture. Additions would need to be mead in each of the do_<cardinal direction> functions to stop that bug.

Add the following in each of the do_<direction> functions, before any other check:
 * Fix to get people off of objects if they're standing on one, while trying to move. - Aurin

  if(ch->on != NULL)
	do_stand(ch, (char *)"\0");

You can add a send_to_char in there for information to the char if you desire. I didn't care. :P