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AFKMud 2.1
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The AFKMud Team Samson 671 1.60 MB Jun 6, 2008

AFKMud is an advanced Smaug derivative written in C++ offering tons of new features to enhance the gaming experience.

Version 2.1 contains a huge number of further C++ conversions of existing game structures as well as a partial conversion of strings into the std::string system. This code is not necessarily going to be stable, but it worked on Alsherok for several months without any major problems.

This code will compile warning free on GCC 4.2, unless there's something weird about the -WWrite-strings warning in 4.1 that would produce false results.

This is the final release of AFKMud. No further development work will be done as there has been no interest shown in the codebase by enough people to justify the time requirements. Besides, there's no more joy left in mudding for me.

Some things that were planned but are not in ( and we're not putting them in now ):

Replace mudprogs with Lua scripting.

Add Kayle's weather system.

Finish off the ghost code:
- Deity favor to resurrect, cleric spell, pay a priest, special items.
- Can't touch, pick up stuff
- Immune to hunger, thirst, sleep, etc.
- Immune to all forms of magic, bad or good, except resurrection.
- Cannot engage in combat.
- Ability to possess lesser mobs.
- Stage of corpse decay determines percentage of HP on resurrect.

Make "lore" skills useful. Right now they do nothing, and there is only a placeholder slot.

Make holidays actually do something more than just be announced. Special bonuses or whatever.

Add tasting skill. So one can taste a potion to see if it's safe, taste food to check for poisons etc.
Add smell skills. Same idea, only with different reactions. Potions smell acidic, etc, bad food, that sort of thing.

Finish making absorb skills work. They don't do much of anything.

Add tannery shops to go with smithys.

Overland maps with variable dimensions.

Add the ability to create "instance dungeons" ( WoW players should know what this means ) to help fill in the vast overland.

Start building the groundwork for separating immortal commands into authorization groups. Building, Admin, Enforcement, etc. Will probably take a long time to get this right.

Eliminate the useless bestowarea command and functionality. Replace with a list of authorized builders on an area.
Eliminate personal vnum ranges. They will be obsolete once the authorized builder list support is in.
Make sure all areas load at bootup ( they should already, but be damn sure ).
vassign command will be obsolete at this point. Logical candidate for generating a new area will be the aset command, which is also where the auth list support should be.

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