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Weather Snippet
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Kayle Kayle 381 41.76 KB Jan 26, 2008 Mar 10, 2010

[Edit by Samson: Be aware that right now this code is only compatible with the use of g++ as the compiler.]

When I undertook this project, I figured it would be something real simple, like adding a few things
here and there to the existing weather code. I was very, very, very wrong. No offense to Fireblade,
but that system was seriously lacking in a lot of places. There are a lot of things addressed in this
system, and while it's tedious as hell to install, I will admit, I think most people will find the
Pros, far outweigh the Cons.

# Real seasons calculated from the calendar settings.
# Climate regions which impact other climate regions nearby.
# Sensible weather events based on season. No snowstorms in summer. No scorching heatwaves in winter.
Stuff like that. -This one is actually a little bit touchy. It will depend entirely on which hemisphere the cell is assigned to as to which will occur in which season.
# Terrain changes based on season. ex: lakes which freeze in winter, and that sort of thing.
# Settable number of hours in a day, days in a month, and months in a year.
# Holidays which can be created and set to the desired date.
# Allows for Weather to persist over reboots/shutdowns/hotboots.
# Allow for full influence over all surrounding cells, and surrounding cells influence cell.
# Dynamic messages that will notify players of changes in weather for example:
"The pouring rain lessens a bit and changes over to a steady snow."
# Easily inegrate weather into other systems via the use or prewritten interaction functions. These functions
are used to prevent corruption of the map, and to emulate encapsulation.

# Tedious Installation and initial setup.
# Control Weather still a cheesy spell, just modified to fit the new implementation. Hopefully
I'll be capable of writing a better version of control weather for a later, updated release.

Update 1 - Fixed problem with installation instructions where it was left out that several blocks of code should have been removed.
Update 2 - Fixed problem with weather messages displaying where they shouldn't be.
Update 3 - Fixed issue with showweather command.
Update 4 - Fixed issue with cells having multiple climates, weather command working indoors, and misuse of a macro.

Revisions: 4
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