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I cannot create new areas
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Post is unread #1 Aug 28, 2004, 1:46 am
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JoinedAug 19, 2004

Ok. i need to create a new area for my town to reside in... and i want it to a)not reset often, and make it so that the donations room can never reset and loose whats in it(if thats even possible) and b)work

i have tried making my own area from scratch..... upon trying to loadup the mud it drains cpu at 50%(i could go for some form of smp-cygwin right now) and stops... as it would when normally loading.... but then i cannot connect.... and about every 30secs it goes back up to 50%cpu again..... i was thinking of cloning the void.are file but i am too lazy to edit all the vnums manually.... also what continent should i put it on if it wont be using overland at all.... if that even matters. areaconvert doesnt work if i have the mud running when i put an area in there(is there an cmd for area creation?

There are so many questions to ask and .... i really couldnt remember half of them.... like why is it when i make a race called machine people... apart from inside showraces and mset see me as an R9 necromancer
Post is unread #2 Aug 29, 2004, 12:54 pm
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Black Hand
JoinedJan 1, 2002

In order to create a new area, you will need a builder to assign vnums to. Once you have someone to do that with, or have created a dummy account if need be, then do this:

vassign person lowvnum highvnum

You will want to be damn sure the vnums you pick are not already taken. The vassign command assumes you know what you're doing.
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