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LOP 1.45
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AFKMud 1.4b Released
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Post is unread #1 Mar 11, 2003, 10:39 am
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Black Hand
JoinedJan 1, 2002

Version 1.4b of AFKMud has been released.
This is a bugfix/maintenance release. A patch against 1.4a exists and should slip in easily.

Standard disclaimer type stuff: Changes in this version may or may not remain compatible with your
older support files, such as areas, commands, skills, socials, etc. If things break, you were warned.

Now, on to the goodies

New stuff this release:

Added the makerooms snippet ( sorry, forget who this came from ) which allows you to create
large blocks of rooms in one swift command. [Samson]
Added support for ANSI strikeover. [Samson]

Bugfixes this release:

Fixed ANSI italic code, was using an improper value before. [Samson]
Fixed ANSI terminal type identification to conform to RFC855. [Samson]
Default prompt color bleeding fixed. [Adjani]
Initialized EventQ vatriables. Oops [Samson]
Fixed bug where imms switched into mobs would be disconnected when the mob body is killed. [Samson]
Made corpse directory handling CVS aware. [Samson]

Non-Bugfix alterations:

Raised default descriptor buffer to 2048 bytes. [Samson]
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