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[Bug] Object stacking is not working properly.
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Post is unread #1 Feb 12, 2006, 4:24 pm
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Black Hand
JoinedJan 1, 2002

Bug: Object stacking is not working properly.
Danger: Medium - Messes up the object grouping code, causing increased memory usage.
Discovered in: AFKMud 1.77
Found by: Cam, Dwip, and Samson.
Fixed by: Samson


handler.c, clone_object

   if( obj->action_desc && obj->action_desc[0] != '\0' )
      clone->action_desc = QUICKLINK( obj->action_desc );

Below that, add:
   if( obj->socket[0] && obj->socket[0] != '\0' )
      clone->socket[0] = QUICKLINK( obj->socket[0] );
   if( obj->socket[1] && obj->socket[1] != '\0' )
      clone->socket[1] = QUICKLINK( obj->socket[1] );
   if( obj->socket[2] && obj->socket[2] != '\0' )
      clone->socket[2] = QUICKLINK( obj->socket[2] );

Been wondering why your items don't stack properly in listings? Getting odd bug messages about comparisons to NULL strings and the word "None"? It's probably because of this bug right here. This one was actually rather elusive and has been plaguing Alsherok for some time now. Mysterious bug spam generated my inventory commands, by seeing items on the ground that should be stacked but aren't, and stack counts being way off but no bug spam at all. And it was all tracked down to a simple ommision in the clone_object function. Once that's in place, stacked items will suddenly start working properly. Including being fixed in pfiles as people log back on.
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